Device layout

Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. The SIM Card slot and microSD Card slot are located next to the battery under the back cover of the device.
    Note: MicroSD cards up to 64GB are supported and sold separately.
    device 3203/1664848.jpg
  2. The microUSB/Charger port is located on the bottom of the device.
    Note: The first charge may take up to 12 hours to complete.
    device 3203/1664849.jpg
  3. The Headphone jack is located on the top of the device.
    device 3203/1664850.jpg
  4. The Volume keys are located on the side of the device.
    device 3203/1664851.jpg
  5. The Power/Lock key is located on the side of the device below the Volume keys.
    device 3203/1664852.jpg
  6. The Camera key is located on the side of the device below the Power/Lock key.
    device 3203/1664853.jpg
  7. Press the Back key to return to the previous menu or screen. Press and hold the Back key to view the currently running apps.
    device 3203/1664854.jpg
  8. Press the Windows key to return to the home screen.
    device 3203/1664855.jpg
  9. Press the Search key to access Cortana. Press and hold the Search key to initiate a voice search or command.
    device 3203/1664856.jpg

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