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How to set up and use Cortana, a personal assistant that provides help whenever you need it.

  1. Cortana is a digital, personal assistant capable of adapting to your personality and interests over time.
    Note: Microsoft account is required to use Cortana.
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  2. From the Start screen, tap Cortana. Cortana can also be accessed from any screen by tapping the Search icon. Tap yes when prompted.
    Note: If you have set up the same Microsoft account on previous Lumia/Microsoft devices, you may not be prompted to tap yes.
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  3. In the type your name field, enter the Desired name, and then tap Next.
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  4. Enter text in the ask me anything field, or tap the Microphone icon to initiate a voice search.
    Note: To learn more, see the Window Phone support article: What can I say to Cortana?
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  5. To turn Cortana on and off or to change Cortana settings, from the Start screen, tap the Cortana tile >Menu Icon>Notebook> Settings.
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