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Available memory

Check the available device storage.

  1. To check the storage space available on the device, tap the Settings tile.
    device 5045/9006180_01.jpg
  2. Tap System.
    device 5045/9006180_02.jpg
  3. Tap Storage.
    device 5045/9006180_03.jpg
  4. You can view the Available storage on the device and the SD card.  To view more detail about the memory card storage, tap phone.
    device 5045/9006180_04.jpg
  5. To change storage location on items, tap on the Desired file types where you want to change the storage location, then tap the Desired location.
    Note: In this demonstration, “Music, videos, and podcasts” was selected.
    device 5045/9006180_05.jpg
  6. The storage location is now changed.
    Note: This also applies to change storage location for new photos, apps, and downloads.
    device 5045/9006180_06.jpg
  7. This device is available with 3.49 GB of usable storage internal memory and the option to add a MicroSD card (sold separately) up to 200GB.
    device 5045/9006180_07.jpg

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