Microsoft account sign-in
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Microsoft account sign-in

Sign in using your Microsoft account to access Xbox LIVE, Windows Phone Store, and more.

  1. Registering a Microsoft account allows you to download and purchase content in the Windows Store, and have your account automatically logged in for all other Microsoft-based services on your device (Xbox, OneDrive, Skype, etc.)
    Note: The first Microsoft account associated with this device may have its settings edited, but a device factory reset is required to change the email address or delete it.
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  2. From the Start screen, tap the Settings icon.
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  3. Tap the Accounts tab.
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  4. Tap Your email and accounts.
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  5. Scroll to and tap Add a Microsoft account.
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  6. Enter your Microsoft account email address and password, then tap Sign in.
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  7. The account is now ready for use. To view and edit the account settings tap Manage my Microsoft account.
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