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How to utilize Continuum.

  1. Continuum is an app that allows your Windows smartphone to turn into a desktop PC. By connecting your phone with a screen, you have the look and feel of a desktop environment, allowing you to use a mouse and keyboard. Continuum allows your Lumia 950 to offer high-quality video output to an HDMI-enabled screen. To set up Continuum, from the home screen, tap the Continuum app.
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  2. Tap Set up.
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  3. Select how you will connect.
    Note: For this tutorial we selected wired dock.
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  4. If you selected wired dock, use the Microsoft Display Dock (sold separately) to connect your device with your monitor. Plug your dock into your TV or monitor, then plug your phone into the dock, you can do even more with a connected keyboard and mouse to create a big screen-optimized work enviroment powered by your phone.
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  5. Plug the USB-C cable into your the bottom of your phone then plug the other end of the USB-C cable into the dock.
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  6. The back of the Microsoft Display Dock includes 3 USB ports, USB-C power connector,  Display Port connector & and HDMI port.
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  7. Connect the keyboard and mouse into the USB ports.
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  8. Connect the power cable to the power port then connect to a power source.
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  9. Connect your monitor into the HDMI or DP port.
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  10. Once connected, you should see a welcome screen on your TV or monitor with four arrows in the corners. If you see the four arrows, tap I see it.
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  11. Watch the short video on your connected TV to see Continuum for phones in action or tap Skip video to skip.
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  12. Tap the desired option.
    Note: For this tutorial, we selected Use your phone as a touchpad.
    device 5045/9007117_13.jpg
  13. If you selected Use your phone as a touchpad. Move the cursor with your finger, tap things to open and use two fingers to scroll.
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  14. For more additional options and Continuum settings, tap the Menu icon.
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  15. Select desired option.
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