Check your steps
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Check your steps

View a count of the steps you have taken today and review a log of your steps taken over the last week, as measured by the Fit app.

  1. To check your steps, from the watch face, say “Ok Google” to display the "Speak now" prompt.
    Note: If your watch doesn't respond, tap the screen to wake up the watch. 
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  2. Say "Show me my steps". You will see your step count, progress to your fitness goal and a bar chart of your daily step counts.
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  3. To take your heart rate, swipe once from right to left across the screen and tap the Heart icon
    Note: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see past heart rate checks.
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  4. To change the Fit app settings, swipe from right to left again.
    Note: Within settings, you can turn the Fit App and notifications on or off and change your daily step goal.
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