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Camera & video settings

Camera & video settings

Manage camera and video settings including flash, timer, voice control, recording mode, storage location, and more.

  1. To access Camera and Video settings, from the home screen, select Menu, then select Camera.
    device 5051/9006160_01.jpg
  2. Select Camera.
    device 5051/9006160_02.jpg
  3. Select Options.
    device 5051/9006160_03.jpg
  4. Scroll to and select Flash.
    device 5051/9006160_04.jpg
  5. Adjust settings as desired.
    device 5051/9006160_05.jpg
  6. To set the timer, scroll to and select Self-timer.
    device 5051/9006160_06.jpg
  7. Select desired option.
    device 5051/9006160_07.jpg
  8. Scroll to Others, then select Shutter sound.
    device 5051/9006160_08.jpg
  9. Select On or Off.
    device 5051/9006160_09.jpg
  10. To learn more about your camera settings and features, from a computer, download the user manual.
    device 5051/9006160_10.jpg

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