Blackberry ID Sign-In

Blackberry ID Sign-In

Use your BlackBerry ID to access BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications.

  1. Swipe left from the home screen, then select the BBM app.
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  2. Select SIGN UP to create a new BlackBerry ID account, or select SIGN IN  if you already have a BlackBerry ID account.
    Note: For this tutorial SIGN UP was selected. To create or manage your BlackBerry ID from a computer, go to
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  3. Enter the desired name, location, phone number and password then select CREATE ACCOUNT.
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  4. Select OK to find friends in your contacts list to add to BBM. Select SKIP to continue without adding contacts.
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  5. To add a contact photo, select the desired option. To skip personalizing your profile, select anywhere on the screen outside the Personalize Your Profile prompt.

    device 5223/9006099_05.jpg
  6. Your BlackBerry ID is now ready to use. A master reset is required to remove your BlackBerry ID from the device.
    Note: To perform a master reset, see the Reset Device tutorial.
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