Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi

Set up and manage Guest Wi-Fi.



  1. To configure the Guest Wi-Fi, from the homescreen scroll to and tap Wi-Fi.
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  2. Tap Guest Wi-Fi.
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  3. Tap the Guest Wi-Fi toggle to turn Guest Wi-Fi on or off.
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  4. To connect to the Guest Wifi, connect to the listed Wi-Fi name and enter the listed Wi-Fi password on your device.
    Note: Tap the Edit icon (Pencil) to change the Guest Wi-Fi network name or Guest Wi-Fi password.
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  5. To change the password every time the device is powered on timer tap the New password each session checkbox.
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  6. To set how long the Guest Wi-Fi connection remains active scroll down and tap Guest Wi-Fi Timer.
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  7. Tap the Guest Wi-Fi Timer toggle to turn on or off, then adjust the amount of time you want guests to connect for.
    Note: You can also set a limit for how many devices can connect to Guest Wi-Fi by tapping Max Wi-Fi Devices and then moving the slider to the left or right. The maxium number of devices that can connect to either Guest or Main Wi-Fi is 15.
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