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Voice control

Use voice commands to control your device and access voice control settings.

  1. To access voice control, from the Home Screen, tap the Samsung folder
    device 5054/9006158_001.jpg
  2. Tap the S Voice icon.
    device 5054/9006158_002.jpg
  3. Tap CONFIRM.
    device 5054/9006158_003.jpg
  4. Tap I AGREE to agree to the S Voice terms of service.
    device 5054/9006158_004.jpg
  5. Read through the S Voice Tutorial, tapping NEXT to continue.
    device 5054/9006158_005.jpg
  6. Once you've completed the S Voice tutorial, read through the Voice commands list and tap FINISH.
    device 5054/9006158_006.jpg
  7. To access voice control settings, tap the menu icon.
    device 5054/9006158_007.jpg
  8. Tap Settings.
    device 5054/9006158_008.jpg
  9. Make Desired changes to your S Voice Settings.
    device 5054/9006158_009.jpg
  10. To use voice control from the Samsung folder, tap the S Voice icon.
    device 5054/9006158_010.jpg
  11. The voice command app will open.  Say your command aloud.
    device 5054/9006158_011.jpg
  12. Your command will now be turned on.
    device 5054/9006158_012.jpg

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