Samsung SmartThings
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Samsung SmartThings

How to access and use Samsung SmartThings.

  1. ACCESS SAMSUNG SMARTTHINGS: From the home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps tray.
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  2. Select the Samsung folder.
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  3. Select the Samsung SmartThings app.
    Note: To skip the overview video, select SKIP VIDEO. Review the permission prompts, then select ALLOW. If you are not signed into a Samsung account, you will be prompted to select SIGN IN or SKIP. It is recommended to sign in to a Samsung account to get the most out of Samsung SmartThings.
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  4. Select SIGN IN
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  5. You will be prompted to sign into your Samsung account, enter the desired email or phone number and password then select SIGN IN.
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  6. Select DONE.
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  7. ADD DEVICE TO SAMSUNG SMARTTHINGS: From the Samsung SmartThings screen, select the Add device widget.
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  8. Select the desired available device or add a device manually by selecting the corresponding device type.
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  9. EDIT SAMSUNG SMARTTHINGS SETTINGS: From the Samsung SmartThings screen, select the Menu icon then select Settings.
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  10. Edit app features as desired.
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