Add apps to home screen
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Add apps to home screen

Add apps, shortcuts, & widgets to your home screen

  1. To add an app to the Start screen, swipe from Right to Left.
    device 5094/9007050_01.jpg
  2. Scroll to, then tap and hold the Desired app.
    device 5094/9007050_02.jpg
  3. Tap Pin to start.
    device 5094/9007050_03.jpg
  4. To move a tile on the Start screen, touch and hold the Desired tile.
    device 5094/9007050_04.jpg
  5. Drag the Tile to the Desired location.
    device 5094/9007050_05.jpg
  6. Release Tile to place it in the Desired location.
    device 5094/9007050_06.jpg

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