Make & Receive a Video Call Using Skype
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Make & Receive a Video Call Using Skype

Make or receive a video call.

  1. You can use Skype video to make and receive video calls.  From the Start screen, tap the Skype video tile.
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  2. The first time you use Skype, tap Continue.
    Note: If you have not signed in with your Microsoft account, you will need to do so now. Tap Sign in and follow the prompts.
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  3. Tap Continue to find friends on Skype or Do this later to finish at a later time.
    Note: For this demo, Do this later was chosen.
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  4. You are now logged into Skype. To add a contact on Skype, tap the Add contacts icon.
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  5. Enter the Desired username and tap the Enter key on the keyboard.
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  6. Tap the Desired Skype user to send a request to add them to your contacts.
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  7. Tap Send. When the user has accepted your request, they will be listed as a contact.
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  8. To make a video call, tap the Contacts icon.
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  9. Tap the Desired contact.
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  10. Tap Skype video.
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  11. You will be connected to the video contact.
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  12. To turn the front-facing camera On/Off, tap the Video icon.
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  13. To mute your microphone on the call, tap the Microphone icon.
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  14. To silence the call, tap the Speaker icon.
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  15. Tap the End call icon to end.
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  16. When receiving a video call, you can tap audio for an audio-only call, ignore to dismiss the call, or video to answer the video call.
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