Manage AT&T PREPAID Account
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Manage AT&T PREPAID Account

Change your AT&T PREPAID plan, check your balance, add money to your account and more.

  1. To manage your account from your device or computer browser, go to
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  2. Enter your AT&T PREPAID Wireless Number and 4-Digit Password, then select Login.
    Note: The user name is your 10-digit wireless number, and the initial password is set to the last digits of your wireless number.
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  3. Your current balance will be displayed. Tap Refill Account to add more money.
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  4. Scroll down to Setup Auto Refilll, add Packages, viewing Rate Plans, view Account History, and more.
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  5. To manage your account over the phone, from your AT&T PREPAID phone enter 611, then tap Call. If calling from a landline phone, dial 1-800-901-9878.
    Note: You can also manage your account via text message using star codes.
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