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Phone Assembly

Install and remove the SIM and battery.

  1. To take off the battery cover, use the Notch on the back right of the bottom of the device to pull off the cover.
    device 5131/9006107_01.jpg
  2. Insert the battery with the gold contacts on the battery aligned with the gold contacts on the device.
    device 5131/9006107_02.jpg
  3. If a SIM card is missing, the Missing SIM icon will appear in the Notification bar.
    device 5131/9006107_03.jpg
  4. To insert a SIM card, insert the SIM with the gold contacts facing the device into the SIM tray.
    device 5131/9006107_04.jpg
  5. To insert an optional memory card, insert the microSD card with the gold contacts facing down into the SD card tray.
    Note: SD cards are sold separately. To prevent data corruption, it is recommended to unmount your memory card before removing it. To unmount your memory card, select Settings > More > Storage > Unmount SD Card icon. 
    device 5131/9006107_05.jpg
  6. To replace the Back cover, line up the notches on the case with the notches on the phone then press firmly around the edges.
    device 5131/9006107_06.jpg

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