Connect to AT&T Microcell
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Connect to AT&T Microcell

Connect your device to the AT&T MicroCell.

  1. To use your new AT&T 3G or 4G phone with an AT&T MicroCell, it must be within signal range and added to the approved user list. To add a device to your approved user list, from the home screen of the device you set up as the AT&T MicroCell's primary number, select the Messaging icon.
    Note: 2G and non-AT&T devices are not compatible with AT&T MicroCell. You can also add an approved user by logging in at using your myAT&T account information.
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  2. Select New message to send a message to a new recipient. 
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  3. Enter the short code 6235 (MCEL) as the recipient of the text message.
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  4. In the message field, enter "Add" followed by the number to add to the Approved User List (e.g. Add 5553219876). Then select the Send icon to send the text message.
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  5. When successfully connected to cell, phone will show “AT&T MicroCell” or “AT&T M-Cell”.
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  6. If you do not see “AT&T MicroCell” or “AT&T M-Cell”, turn your mobile device (not MicroCell) off, wait 10 seconds and then turn it back on.
    Note: Depending on the signal strength of the AT&T cell tower, the time for your cell phone to switch to the MicroCell can vary. It may take seconds or up to five minutes.
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