How to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. TURN WI-FI ON OR OFF: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Wi-Fi icon
    Note: To turn Wi-Fi on/off from Settings, swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Settings icon then select the Wi-Fi switch on or off. To optimize battery life, turn Wi-Fi off when not in use.
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  2. CONNECT TO A WI-FI NETWORK: Select Wi-Fi, then select the desired network name.
    Note: To connect to a hidden or unbroadcasted Wi-Fi network, scroll to the bottom of the list of available networks and select Add network.You will need to enter the network SSIDsecurity type, and a password (if necessary) to continue.
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  3. If connecting to a secure network, enter the Wi-Fi password then select CONNECT.
    Note: Secure networks will display with a Lock icon.
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  4. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi connected icon will be displayed in the Notification bar.
    Note: Data transmitted over a Wi-Fi network does not count toward your AT&T data plan, and will not be billed. To manage whether your device automatically switches from a poor or unstable Wi-Fi network to the AT&T network to maintain a consistent data connection, from the Wi-Fi screen, select the Menu icon > Advanced > Auto-switch to mobile network.
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  5. REMOVE SAVED WI-FI NETWORK: Select and hold the desired network name, then select DISCONNECT.
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