Remove an App

Remove an icon from your home screen and delete apps from your device.

  1. REMOVE AN APP: Select and hold the desired app, drag it to REMOVE at the top of the screen, then release the app.
    device 5147/9006119_01.jpg
  2. UNINSTALL AN APP: Select the Apps tray from the home screen. From the Apps tray, select and hold the desired app, then drag it to UNINSTALL at the top of the screen and release the app.
    Note: Some pre-installed applications cannot be uninstalled from the device, but can be disabled. Some applications must remain enabled on the device.
    device 5147/9006119_02.jpg
  3. Select OK.
    Note: Downloaded applications can be re-installed through the Google Play Store. To re-enable a pre-loaded application, go to Settings > Apps > desired app > ENABLE.
    device 5147/9006119_03.jpg

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