Limited or No Connectivity
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Limited or No Connectivity

Troubleshoot limited or no connectivity on your device.

  1. CHECK BLOCKED DEVICES: From your device's web browser, go to http://attwifimanager. Enter your Username and Password, then click SIGN IN.
    Note: Ensure that your device is connected to the Netgear Nighthawk's Wi-Fi network. For more information, please see the Connect Devices to Wi-Fi or Connect PC or Mac to Wi-Fi tutorials.
    device 5189/9006416_01.jpg
  2. Click SETTINGS at the top of the page.
    device 5189/9006416_02.jpg
  3. Click Security, then click Access Controls. Blocked devices will be displayed under BLOCKED DEVICES.
    device 5189/9006416_03.jpg
  4. To unblock a device, click the checkbox next to the desired device then click DELETE. Click Apply when finished.
    device 5189/9006416_04.jpg
  5. CHECK NETWORK STATUS: The signal strength will be displayed on the first home screen of the device.
    device 5189/9006416_05.jpg
  6. The signal strength is also displayed on the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager website. From the DASHBOARD screen, Signal Strength will be displayed under Device Information.
    device 5189/9006416_06.jpg

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