Change volume settings, ringtones, and notification alerts.

  1. RAISE OR LOWER VOLUME: From the clock screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to view the Moments bar.
    device 5235/9007256_01.jpg
  2. Select the Volume icon. 
    device 5235/9007256_02.jpg
  3. Rotate the bezel to increase or decrease the volume.
    device 5235/9007256_03.jpg
  4. VIBRATE MODE: Rotate the bezel to the lowest volume until the Vibrate icon appears.
    device 5235/9007256_04.jpg
  5. SILENT MODE: From the Moments screen, select the Do not disturb icon.
    device 5235/9007256_05.jpg
  6. Select the desired option, then select the Checkmark icon.
    device 5235/9007256_06.jpg
  7. When Do not disturb mode is enabled, the Do not disturb icon will be displayed at the top of the screen on the clock screen.
    Note: Do not disturb mode mutes sounds and the screen will remain off for incoming calls and alerts, but not alarms.
    device 5235/9007256_07.jpg
  8. ACCESS ADDITIONAL VOLUME SETTINGS: From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button.
    device 5235/9007256_08.jpg
  9. Rotate the bezel to and select the Settings app.
    device 5235/9007256_09.jpg
  10. Scroll to and select Sound and vibration. Edit settings as desired.
    device 5235/9007256_10.jpg

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