Browse the Web

Browse the web, manage browser tabs, and bookmarks.

  1. INSTALL BROWSER: Select the Power/Home button > rotate the bezel to and select Galaxy Apps > select Search > enter the desired app name > Search icon > desired app > INSTALL
    Note: Samsung Galaxy Watch does not come with a browser installed. For further instruction on how to download an app, see the Download Apps & Games tutorial.
    device 5235/9006113_01.jpg
  2. ACCESS BROWSER: On your watch, select the Power/Home button, then rotate the bezel to and select Internet
    device 5235/9006113_02.jpg
  3. To navigate to a website, select Search then enter the desired website. Select the search key
    device 5235/9006113_03.jpg
  4. Scroll to and select the desired website
    device 5235/9006113_04.jpg
  5. BOOKMARK A SITE: Select the Menu icon, then select Add to Bookmarks
    device 5235/9006113_05.jpg
  6. ACCESS BOOKMARKS: Select the Menu icon, then rotate the bezel to and select Bookmarks
    device 5235/9006113_06.jpg
  7. SHOW ON PHONE: Select the Menu icon, then rotate the bezel to and select Show on phone
    device 5235/9006113_07.jpg
  8. EASY VIEW: Select the Menu icon, then rotate the bezel to and select Easy view
    device 5235/9006113_08.jpg

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