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Samsung Gear S3 classic (R775A)

Call Handling

This tutorial walks through forwarding calls from your smartphone to your watch.

  1. From your smartphone, open the Samsung Gear app.
    device 5153/9006464_01.jpg
  2. Select SETTINGS tab.
    device 5153/9006464_02.jpg
  3. Select Auto call forwarding.
    device 5153/9006464_03.jpg
  4. Select the 'I agree' checkbox, then select NEXT.
    device 5153/9006464_04.jpg
  5. Select the Auto call forwarding switch ON.
    device 5153/9006464_05.jpg
  6. Calls are now being forwarded to the Samsung Gear S3 classic. Select the switch to turn off call forwarding.
    device 5153/9006464_06.jpg
  7. Select Number setting to change the desired forwarding number.
    Note: Call Forwarding must be switched off to do this.
    device 5153/9006464_07.jpg

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