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Navigation Tips

Learn how to navigate your device

  1. QUICKLY ACCESS APPS: From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button.
    device 5153/9006502_01.jpg
  2. RETURN TO PREVIOUS SCREEN: Press the Back button.
    device 5153/9006502_02.jpg
  3. ACCESS QUICK APP: Double press the Power/Home button to launch a user-defined app. 
    Note: S Voice is the default app. To change the app corresponding with double-pressing the Power/Home button, press the Power/Home button > select SettingsDevice > Double press Home key.
    device 5153/9006502_03.jpg
  4. USE WAKE-UP GESTURE: Raise the arm your Gear is on and look at the screen to wake up the device.
    Note: To adjust gesture settings, press the Power/Home button > select Settings Device > Wake-up gesture.
    device 5153/9006502_04.jpg
  5. SCROLL THROUGH WIDGETS: From the clock screen, rotate the bezel or swipe left to scroll through apps, widgets, or options.
    device 5153/9006502_05.jpg
  6. ACCEPT/DECLINE A CALL: When receiving a call, rotate the bezel clockwise to accept the call. Rotate the bezel counter-clockwise to decline the call.
    device 5153/9006502_06.jpg
  7. The Contextual menu icon indicates how many screens are available. Swipe left or right to view the additional screens.
    device 5153/9006502_07.jpg
  8. ACCESS MOMENTS BAR: Swipe down from the top of the screen.
    Note: The Moments bar is only place to view battery percentage.
    device 5153/9006502_08.jpg
  9. VIEW NOTIFICATIONS: From the clock screen, swipe right. Notifications will be displayed
    device 5153/9006502_09.jpg

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