Learn & Customize the Home Screen
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Learn & Customize the Home Screen

Add shortcuts and widgets, access the notification panel, changing wallpaper, and more.

  1. VIEW NOTIFICATIONS: Swipe right on the clock screen. Notifications will be displayed. To edit which notifications appear, select SETTINGS.
    device 5153/9006104_01.jpg
  2. VIEW MOMENTS BAR: Swipe down from top edge of screen. Current status and basic settings will be displayed.
    device 5153/9006104_02.jpg
  3. VIEW SHORTCUTS: Swipe left on the clock screen. 
    device 5153/9006104_03.jpg
  4. The shortcut screen has links to Apps, Phone, Settings and S Voice. Select desired app to use. Swipe left again to view widgets.
    Note: To change the icons that appear on this screen, touch and hold desired icon > EDIT > Select the Minus sign next to the icon(s) you want to remove > Select the icon(s) you want to appear.
    device 5153/9006104_04.jpg
  5. ADD WIDGET: Swipe left until an empty screen appears, then select the Plus icon and select the Desired widget.
    Note: A maximum of 5 widgets can be used at one time.
    device 5153/9006104_05.jpg
  6. EDIT WIDGET ORDER: Select and hold a widget until the minus sign appears in the top right corner. 
    device 5153/9006104_06.jpg
  7. Select and hold the widget again, and drag it to the Desired position, then release. Select the screen again to confirm.
    device 5153/9006104_07.jpg
  8. REMOVE WIDGET: Select and hold a widget until the minus sign appears in the top right corner.  Select the Minus sign to confirm.
    device 5153/9006104_08.jpg
  9. CHANGE WATCH FACE: From the home screen, swipe left then select the Settings app.
    device 5153/9006104_09.jpg
  10. Select Watch faces and styles > Watch faces > desired watch face.
    device 5153/9006104_10.jpg

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