Messaging Settings
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Messaging Settings

Set text (SMS) and picture (MMS) message alerts, limits, display options and more.

  1. ACCESS MESSAGING SETTINGS: From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button.
    device 5153/9006150_01.jpg
  2. Rotate the bezel, then select the Settings icon.
    device 5153/9006150_02.jpg
  3. Scroll to and select Messages.
    device 5153/9006150_03.jpg
  4. ADJUST EMERGENCY ALERT SETTINGS: Scroll to, then select Emergency Alerts > Alert Types > select the desired alert to turn it on or off.
    Note: Learn more about Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).
    device 5153/9006150_04.jpg
  5. ADJUST SPAM SETTINGS: Scroll to, select Block list.
    device 5153/9006150_05.jpg
  6. ADJUST SOUNDS AND NOTIFICATION ALERTS: From the settings screen, select Sounds and vibrations.
    device 5153/9006150_06.jpg

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