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Date & Time

Set the date and time.

  1. To access the date and time settings, from the clock screen press the Power/Home button.
    Note: The device will automatically attempt to set the date and time from the network. This tutorial demonstrates how to manually set the date and time on your device. Date and time can be changed from the watch only when it is not connected to a companion device. To view tutorials on how to change the date and time via a companion device, go to the Date & Time tutorial and change your device to the desired one.
    device 5153/9006176_01.jpg
  2. Rotate the bezel to and select Settings.
    device 5153/9006176_02.jpg
  3. Rotate the bezel to and select Device.
    device 5153/9006176_03.jpg
  4. Rotate the bezel to and select Date and time.
    device 5153/9006176_04.jpg
  5. To manually set the date and time, select the Automatic switch off.
    device 5153/9006176_05.jpg
  6. Rotate the bezel to and select the desired Set Date. Set the date as desired.
    device 5153/9006176_06.jpg
  7. Rotate the bezel to and select the desired Set Time. Set the time as desired.
    device 5153/9006176_07.jpg
  8. Select Select time zone then select the desired time zone.
    device 5153/9006176_08.jpg
  9. To set and alarm, from the clock screen select the Power/Home button.
    device 5153/9006176_09.jpg
  10. Rotate the bezel then select the Alarm icon.
    device 5153/9006176_10.jpg
  11. Select Add alarm.
    device 5153/9006176_11.jpg
  12. Select desired time, then select NEXT.
    device 5153/9006176_12.jpg
  13. Select desired reoccuring days, then select SAVE.
    device 5153/9006176_13.jpg
  14. Select desired sound and vibration preferences, then select SAVE
    device 5153/9006176_14.jpg
  15. To delete an alarm, select and hold the desired alarm.
    device 5153/9006176_15.jpg
  16. Select DELETE.
    device 5153/9006176_16.jpg

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