Check the Wireless Signal
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AT&T Wireless Internet (MF279)

Check the Wireless Signal

The signal LED on your device indicates the current wireless signal status.

  1. The Signal Strength LED displays the wireless signal strength that the AT&T Wireless Internet is receiving from the AT&T wireless network.
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  2. 3 or 4 bars indicate that the AT&T Wireless Internet is receiving a strong signal.
    Note: 1 or 2 bars indicates a moderate wireless signal.
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  3. Red indicates no wireless signal.
    Note: Red blinking indicates a SIM card error.
    device 5174/9006679_03.jpg
  4. If the Signal Strength LED is red or only 1 or 2 bars are lighting up, move the AT&T Wireless Internet to a different location for best performance.
    Note: The Signal Strength LED will turn green when connected to LTE or blue if it is connected to HSPA/3G.
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