Advanced Photo & Video Features
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Advanced Photo & Video Features

Learn how to access and use Camera modes, effects, customization, and crop a photo.

  1. ACCESS CAMERA MODES: From the Camera app, select the Menu icon then select the PANORAMAMULTI EXPOSURE, or TIMELAPSE camera modes.
    Note: Alternately, you can access the camera from the lockscreen by selecting and holding the Camera iconMulti exposure allows you to make collages out of two separate exposures. Panorama allows you to create wider photos by stitching together multiple photos. Timelapse allows you to create  time-lapse videos.
    device 5173/9007215_01.jpg
  2. SWITCH TO MANUAL MODE: From the Camera app, swipe left to access MANUAL mode.
    device 5173/9007215_02.jpg
  3. ACCESS CAMERA FILTERS: Select the Filter icon, then select the desired filter.
    device 5173/9007215_03.jpg
  4. CUSTOMIZE PHOTO/VIDEO SETTINGS: From the camera app, select the Settings icon. Edit settings as desired.
    device 5173/9007215_04.jpg
  5. TURN ON/OFF SHUTTER SOUND: Select the Shutter tone switch.
    device 5173/9007215_05.jpg
  6. CROP A PHOTO: From the home screen, select the Apps tray. Select the Photos app.
    device 5173/9007215_06.jpg
  7. Select the desired photo, then select the Edit icon.
    device 5173/9007215_07.jpg
  8. Select the Rotate/Crop icon. Select and drag the crop corners to crop as desired, then select DONE.
    device 5173/9007215_08.jpg

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