Backup & Restore with Memory Card
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Backup & Restore with Memory Card

Backup contacts, photos, and files to increase device memory or transfer to another device.

  1. BACKUP/RESTORE CONTACTS: Select the Contacts app.
    Note: Inserting a memory card (microSD card) into your device allows you to transfer and store contacts, music, pictures, and videos. MicroSD cards are sold separately.
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  2. Select the Menu icon, then select Import/Export. Select Export to SIM card.
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  3. Select desired contacts, then select the Transfer icon.
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  4. BACKUP/SAVE MUSIC & PHOTOS TO THE SD CARD: From the home screen, select the Apps tray then select the File Manager app.
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  5. Select the LOCAL tab > Phone, then navigate to and select and hold the desired file(s). Select the Copy icon.
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  6. From the LOCAL tab, select SD Card then navigate to the desired destination on the SD card and select the desired account to save the files under.
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