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Email Settings

Access and manage email settings such as signature, sync frequency, delete an account, and add an account.

  1. ACCESS EMAIL SETTINGS: From the home screen, select the Gmail app.
    Note: In order to access email settings, you must have already Set Up Email.
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  2. Select the Menu icon, then scroll to and select Settings.
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  3. Select General settings, then edit email settings as desired. To change settings specific to an account, select the desired account.
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  4. EDIT EMAIL SIGNATURE: From the desired account, select Signature. Edit the desired email signature, then select OK.
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  5. EDIT SYNC FREQUENCY: From the desired email account's Settings screen, scroll to and select Days of mail to sync then select the desired frequency.
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  6. ADD ADDITIONAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS: From the Email Settings screen, select Add account and follow the prompts.
    device 5191/9007006_06.jpg
  7. DELETE EMAIL ACCOUNT: From the desired email account's Settings screen, select the Menu icon then select Manage accounts > CONTINUE > scroll to and select Accounts > select the desired account > Menu icon > Remove account > REMOVE ACCOUNT.
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