AT&T AllAccess

AT&T AllAccess

Use AT&T AllAccess to view data usage, set data usage alerts, pay bills, add features, and more.


AT&T AllAccess allows you to set alerts, get notifications when approaching your data limit, locate the closest AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots, create your own personal hotspot, and pay your bill.  To learn more, visit the AT&T AllAccess website.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to: 

• Access AT&T AllAccess
• View data usage
• Set data usage alerts
• Turn on/off and configure mobile hotspot
• View notifications
• Access settings

Access AT&T AllAccess

From the home screen, select the AT&T AllAccess Widget.

Note: Upon first access, you will be prompted to review the Terms and Conditions. Select ACCEPT to continue.

Image 1

View data usage

1. Data usage information for this tablet and Mobile Share Plan will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Image 2

2. Select the app usage icon App Usage icon to view usage by app.

Image 3

Set data usage alerts

Select the Data Alert switch to place it in the On position, then select and drag the Alert icon to the desired location

Image 4

Turn on/off and configure mobile hotspot

TURN MOBILE HOTSPOT ON/OFF: Select the  Mobile Hotspot icon, then select the Mobile Hotspot switch to enable or disable as desired. 

Image 5

CONFIGURE MOBILE HOTSPOT: Select the desired option, then edit as desired.

Note: The mobile hotspot must be turned off in order to be configured. See the Mobile Hotspot tutorial for more information. 

Image 6

View notifications

Select the Notifications icon

Image 7

Access settings

Select the settings Settings icon. Edit settings as desired.

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