Learn how to add, view, delete, customize by adding a picture or ringtone, and backup your contacts.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access contacts
• Add a contact
• Edit or delete a contact
• Add a ringtone to a contact
• Backup your contacts


Access contacts

From the home screen, swipe up from the center of the screen to access the Apps tray > select the contacts Contacts app

Add a contact

1. Select the  Add icon. Select the desired save location, then select the desired option (Just once or Always).

Image 1

2. Enter the desired contact information in the corresponding fields. Select the drop-down icon to change the desired account you want to save the contact to. To add a picture, select the Photo icon then navigate to the desired image. Select Save when finished.

Image 2

Edit or delete a contact

EDIT CONTACT: Select the desired contact, then select Edit. Edit the contact as desired, then select Save.

DELETE CONTACT: From the desired contact, select the menu icon More icon, then select Delete. Select Move to confirm. 

Add a ringtone to a contact

From the edit contact screen, select View more then scroll to and select Ringtone. Select the desired Ringtone, then select the back arrow.

Note: Upon first access, you have to allow storage permission to be able to add a ringtone to a contact. From the edit contact screen, select View more > scroll to and select Allow Storage permission > select Allow.

Backup your contacts

1. From the Contacts screen, select the  Menu icon then select Manage contacts

Image 3

2. Select Import or export contacts, then follow the prompts.

Image 4

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