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If you have already paired your Galaxy Watch and phone, but did not set up a cellular connection, see Activate your watch to set up your Galaxy Watch on the cellular network.
To activate NumberSync on your device, visit the NumberSync tutorial.

1. Press and hold the Home button to turn on the watch. Select Let's go to begin the activation process.

Note: The SIM card comes preinstalled and cannot be removed.

Image 1

2. To connect your watch with your smartphone, the Galaxy Wearable app must be installed on your smartphone. If installed, navigate to and select the wear Galaxy Wearable app.

Note: To install the Galaxy Wearable app, from the home screen select the play Play Store app > search for Galaxy Wearable > Install > Open.

3. Select Get started, then select the device you'd like to set up.

image 2

4. Review the permissions, then select Allow.

5. A Bluetooth passkey will be displayed on the watch. Confirm that the passkeys match on the both devices. Select the Checkmark icon on the watch and select Connect on the phone.

image 3

6. Review the End User License Agreement, Galaxy Wearable Privacy Polcy, and Permissions then select the Agree.

Note: Select Allow when prompted with permissions to continue.

7. Reviews the following options, then select the Agree circles as desired. Select Next

image 4

8. If you have another device, you can copy content to your new device. Select Check for backup, then follow the prompts to copy your content or select Skip for now to continue without copying from an old device. Select Next to continue. 

image 5

9. Select Use code.

image 6

10. Point the camera at the QR code to scan it. 

image 7

11. Select Use plan.

image 8

12. Review the NumberSync prompt, then select Done

Note: You will need to set up NumberSync in order to make calls and send and receive text messages from your connected phone's number.

image 9

13. Set up is now complete.

What's in the box:

• Charging block
• Charging dock

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