Optimize Battery Life
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Optimize Battery Life

Tips and tricks to extend your battery performance.




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For charging and use times, see the Specifications tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• View and manage power consumption
• Enable battery saver mode
• Turn off unused services and activate Airplane mode
• Change display settings

View and manage power consumption

Use the original charger and battery to maintain optimal battery performance over the life of your device. The battery comes partially charged. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings. 

Enable battery saver mode

1. From the clock screen, press the Home button then select the settings app Settings app.

2. Scroll to and select Battery

image 1

3. Scroll to and select Power mode. Scroll to and select Power saving. Review the Power saving prompt, then select the checkmark Checkmark icon.

Note: Alternatively, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Moments bar. Swipe left, then select the battery Power saving icon. Select Power mode > scroll to and select Power saving > select the checkmark Checkmark icon to put the watch into power saving mode. Battery-smart features can help save your battery for what matters most. Power saving mode turns off Wi-Fi and mobile network and turns off all functions except calls, messages and notifications. 

image 2

Turn off unused services and activate Airplane mode 

Swipe down from the top of screen to access the Moments bar, then swipe left. If enabled, select the Wi-Fi icon.

image 3

If you are traveling and do not have access to mobile or Wi-Fi networks, enable Airplane mode. Swipe left twice then select the Airplane mode icon.

image 4

Change display settings

To extend battery life, set the screen to a lower brightness and decrease screen timeout. From the Settings screen, scroll to and select Display.

image 5

To lower screen brightness, select Brightness then use the Remove icon to lower the brightness.

image 6

To change Screen timeout, scroll to and select Screen timeout. Select a lower screen timeout option.

image 7

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