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Browse the Web

Browse the web, manage browser tabs, and bookmarks.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Install browser
• Access browser
• Bookmark a site
• Access bookmarks
• Show on phone
• Easy view

Install browser

Press the Home button > select the galaxy Galaxy Store App > scroll to and select Search > enter the desired app namesearch icon Search icon > select Install under the desired app > select the checkmark Checkmark icon to confirm. 

Step 1

Access browser

1. Press the Home button, then navigate to and select the Internet app.

Step 2

2. To navigate to a website, scroll to and select Search.

Step 3

3. Speak the desired website or select SEARCH again to enter your search using the keypad. Enter the desired website, then select the Go key.

Step 4

Bookmark a site

Select the menu Menu icon, then select Add to Bookmarks

Step 5

Access bookmarks

Select the menu Menu icon, then scroll to and select Bookmarks

Step 6

Show on phone

Select the menu Menu icon, then scroll to and select Show on phone

Step 7

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