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Take a Picture

Learn how to take a picture, switch between front and rear camera, focus, and zoom.


Prenote info

For technical details about your camera, see the Specifications tutorial. The below tutorial requires you to open the Camera app. You can open the Camera app from the home screen by selecting the camera Camera app
In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Take a photo
• Switch between the front and rear cameras
• Focus the camera
• Zoom in and out

Take a photo

Select the Capture icon.

Note: Alternately, press either of the Volume buttons

Image 1

Switch between front and rear cameras

Select the Switch camera icon.

Image 2

Focus the camera

Select the screen in the desired location to focus the camera.

Image 3

Zoom in and out

Drag two fingers from the middle of the screen toward the outer edges of the screen to zoom in. Pinch two fingers from the outer edges of the screen to the middle of the screen to zoom out.

Image 4

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