Change the display brightness, time out and orientation.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access display options through Quick Settings 
• Access display options through settings
• Edit home screen display

Access display options through Quick Settings

Swipe down from the Notification bar to access Quick Settings. Swipe down from the Notification bar twice to access Expanded Quick Settings.

: Select the desired option to enable or disable the display option. You can also select and hold certain display options to access their settings.

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 AUTO ROTATE: Select the Auto rotate icon. When enabled, Auto rotate will automatically rotate the device's screen orientation depending on how you are holding it. This feature is disabled on the home screen by default.
 EYE COMFORT SHIELD: Select the Eye comfort shield icon. Eye comfort shield will use less blue light to be easier on your eyes. You can set a schedule for the Eye comfort shield in it's settings screen.
SCREEN BRIGHTNESS: Select and drag the Brightness slider at the bottom of the Quick Settings menu to the desired brightness level.

Access display options through Settings

1. Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the settings icon Settings icon.

2. Select Display.

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SCREEN BRIGHTNESS: Select and drag the Brightness slider to the desired brightness level.
• SCREEN TIMEOUT: Scroll to and select Screen timeout, then select the desired option.
• ENABLE DARK MODE: From Display screen, select the Dark mode circle.

Edit home screen display

From the Settings screen, select Home screen then edit settings as desired.

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