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AT&T Messages

Bring together your call logs, voicemail, text, and multimedia messages into one inbox across devices.

AT&T Messages is a free app that brings together your call logs, visual voicemail, and text & multimedia messages into one inbox. In addition to phone access, AT&T Messages is also available from your tablet or a computer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up AT&T Messages. For more information, visit the AT&T Messages website.
1. From the home screen, select the att messages AT&T Messages app

2. Select SIGN IN.

Image 1

3. Enter your AT&T User ID and Password, then select Sign in.

Note: If you have forgotten your AT&T User ID or password, select Forgot user ID? or Forgot password?.

Image 2

4. Select Send code.

Image 3

5. You will receive a text on the device that is linked to your AT&T User ID. Enter the code on your tablet, then select Submit.

Note: If you did not receive a text, select Send new code.

Image 4

4. AT&T Messages is now ready for use. 

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