Back Up & Restore Device

Back Up & Restore Device

Find out how to back up and restore the device.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Back up your device
• Restore your device from a backup

Back up your device

1. From the paired device, navigate to and select the wearable app Galaxy Wearable app

2. Select Watch settings, then scroll to and select Account and backup.

Image 1

3. If desired, select the Auto back up switch. To manually back up data, select Back up data

Image 2
4. Select the desired options to back up, then select Back up

Image 3

5. Select Done when finished. 

Image 4

Restore your device from a backup

1. From the Account and backup screen in the Wearable app on your connected device, select Restore data.

Image 5

2. Select Restore. When your data has been restored, select Done.

Image 6

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