Learn & Customize the Home Screen
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Learn & Customize the Home Screen

Add shortcuts and widgets, change watch face, and more.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access app shortcuts
• Add/remove widgets
• Edit widget order
• Change watch face

Access app shortcuts

From the clock screen, swipe left then swipe left or right to access the desired app shortcuts. 

Note: To edit app shortcuts from your connected device, navigate to and select the wearable app Wearable app > select Titles > edit titles as desired > select Save

Image 1

Add/remove widgets

To add a widget, swipe left to then select the add Add icon. Swipe left or right to and select the desired widget

Image 2

To remove a widget, select and hold the desired widget until the remove icon Remove icon displays in the top right corner. Select the dnd Remove icon to confirm. 

Image 3

Edit widget order

Select and hold a widget, then select and drag the desired widget to the desired location

Image 4

Change watch face

From the clock screen, select and hold the center of the screen then swipe left or right to and select the desired watch face.

Note: For more information on changing your watch face, view the Change Clock Style tutorial

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