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Call Screen

Call Screen enables Google Assistant to vet unknown callers and provides a live transcription of the call.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Use Call Screen
• Access Call Screen settings


Use Call Screen

When receiving a call, select Screen call.

Image 1

Google Assistant will ask the caller why they are calling. Using the live transcription, you can view the callers response, then select the following option

Image 2

ASK ANOTHER QUESTION: Swipe to and select the desired automated response to have Google Assistant ask the caller another question. 
DECLINE CALL: Select the Decline call icon.
ACCEPT CALL: Select the Accept call icon



Access Call Screen settings

From the home screen, select the  phone  Phone app. Select the menu Menu icon, then select Settings. Select Call Screen

Image 3

Edit settings as desired.  

Image 4

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