Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Restriction Request

CPNI Restriction Request Form

Please complete and submit the form below to restrict AT&T's use of your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) for the purposes of offering new types of products and services to you from the AT&T family of companies. † Restricting our use of your CPNI will not eliminate other types of marketing contacts from AT&T, nor will it eliminate our use of your CPNI to offer additional services of the type you already purchase from AT&T.

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Restrict the use of my CPNI

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help You can find your Account Number / Customer ID clearly marked on the top of your bill OR by logging into your account at OR in the notice you received about CPNI.

By checking this box I am requesting that AT&T restrict the use of my CPNI.

help CPNI includes the types of telecommunications services you currently purchase, how you use them, and the billing information related to those services. Your telephone number, name, and address are not considered CPNI.

*The AT&T Family of Companies are those companies that provide voice, video, broadband, advertising-related products and/or services domestically and internationally, including the AT&T local and long-distance companies, AT&T Corp., AT&T Mobility, DIRECTV and other subsidiaries or affiliates of AT&T Inc. that provide, design, market, or sell these products and/or services.