Messaging just
got better
with high-quality pictures, longer videos, group messages, and more.
Enhance text conversations with Advanced Messaging from AT&T
Share your life with high-quality pictures, longer videos, and larger group messages.
See when your messages are delivered, read, and when others are responding.¹

Larger file transfers

Send high-quality pictures and longer videos to enhance your messages.

Delivery and read receipts

See when your messages have been delivered and read.

Typing notification

Know when the person you're messaging with is typing a response.

RCS Universal Profile 1.0 is here

New Advanced Messaging network standards let you share larger files with more people* than ever before. Send image and video files up to 100MB in size. There’s no app to download and no password needed.

We’re rolling out RCS UP 1.0 technology to a growing list of select popular smartphones from Samsung, LG, and others—and adding more devices all the time!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Advanced Messaging?
    Advanced Messaging is the AT&T next-generation messaging service that allows you to send high-resolution photos and larger video files, up to 10MB per attachment. The service is also being improved to provide the ability for a larger number of group message participants, and sharing of files up to 100MB on select smartphones. You’ll be able to see when your messages have been delivered, when they are read, and even when others are typing a response. There is no app to download, no separate account to configure, and no password to enter.
  • Can I use Advanced Messaging on any phone?
    Advanced Messaging is only available on select smartphones and may not be compatible with certain rate plans. To enjoy the benefits of Advanced Messaging, you and the person you’re messaging will need AT&T Advanced Messaging-capable devices. The ability to share files up to 10MB or 100MB, along with group message maximum participants, will vary depending on the smartphones being used.
  • How do I use Advanced Messaging?

    You can use Advanced Messaging if you and the people you’re messaging with:

    Are AT&T postpaid wireless customers
    Have Advanced Messaging capable devices
    Have the Enhanced 4G LTE Services setting on your device ON
    Have devices within AT&T-owned and operated network coverage
    Do not have a conflicting feature on your account, including the following:

           AT&T GoPhone
           SMS or MMS blocks you have added to your account
           Data blocks you have added to your account.

    If you have one of these features, they must be removed from your account for Advanced Messaging to work.

  • Do I need to install any apps or do anything special on my phone to use Advanced Messaging?
    No. As long as you and people you’re messaging with have Advanced Messaging capable devices, you don’t need to do anything on your phone or account to enjoy Advanced Messaging. As a general rule, please be sure that your phone is updated to the latest software.
  • Where can I use Advanced Messaging?
    You can use Advanced Messaging when you're in AT&T-owned and operated domestic coverage areas.