Access from AT&T

Get free internet with Access & the Affordable Connectivity Program

If you’re approved for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you’re automatically approved for Access from AT&T when applying your ACP benefit.

Keeping you connected with affordable internet

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program that provides a benefit on home internet service for eligible households, decreasing your bill by up to $30/mo. or up to $75/mo. off your bill if you live on qualifying Tribal Lands.

Access from AT&T provides low-cost internet service for eligible households—plans up to $30/mo. with speeds up to 100Mbps available. You’ll enjoy no annual contract, free installation, and in-home Wi-Fi® included. With the federal ACP benefit plus Access from AT&T you’re eligible to receive internet speeds up to 100Mbps for free.

Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capabilities and are based on wired connection to gateway. Actual customer speeds may vary based on number of factors and are not guaranteed. For more info, go to​

Here’s how to get free internet

Begin by visiting the federal government’s National Verifier site to apply for the ACP.
Once approved, you’ll receive an application ID which you’ll need to apply your benefit.
Plans up to 100Mbps. Limited availability/areas. Free internet subject to continued participation in the ACP and application of the ACP benefit to Access from AT&T plans.
Get verified

Get started with your internet service benefit


I already have Access from AT&T

We’ll help you apply your ACP benefit to your current service.


Start your ACP application

First apply and get approved for the ACP through the federal government. Then return to this page with your application ID to see what discounts and plans are available at your address.


Apply for Access without an ACP benefit

Low-cost internet plans may also be available for households that don’t qualify for the ACP or are already using their ACP benefit for another service.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to do to get Access if I already have ACP?

    If you’re already ACP-qualified, call us to order Access to apply the ACP benefit. Once we confirm your ACP eligibility, we’ll complete your order.

    If you have already applied your ACP benefit to your wireless service and don’t want to transfer it to Access, you will need to apply for Access through AT&T here.

  • What is the Access from AT&T program and how do I know if I’m eligible?

    Access from AT&T is a low cost home internet service available to eligible limited income AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber households who participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for California residents, National School Lunch Program, or with a household income below 200% of federal poverty guidelines. All households that qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and apply the benefit to AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber service are also eligible for Access from AT&T. Eligible households who apply the ACP benefit to Access from AT&T internet service can receive internet at no charge with AT&T Internet plans (768K-100M) and with AT&T Fiber (100M only). Speeds on AT&T Internet depend on the maximum speed available at your location. Visit to check the speed available at your location.

    The standard $30/ mo. Access from AT&T plan comes with unlimited monthly data. Eligible households whose maximum available speed available at their home is 10 Mbps or less and who do not need unlimited monthly data may qualify for a lower priced offer. (See additional FAQ below for more information.) A Wi-Fi gateway/modem and installation are included with all Access from AT&T plans at no charge.

    Eligible AT&T DSL customers can also qualify for the lower priced Access from AT&T offer, which can also be used in combination with the ACP benefit. AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet and other wireless services are not eligible for Access from AT&T.


  • Can I get Access from AT&T without ACP?

    Yes. Apply through AT&T here.

    Access is available to households who participate in the following programs:

          •  Supplemental Nutritional Access Program (SNAP)
          •  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for California residents only
          •  National School Lunch Program

    It is also available to households with income below 200% of federal poverty guidelines. View the table below for maximum household income based on the number of people who live in your household.


  • What information do I need to provide with my Access application to qualify for Access from AT&T?
    You’ll need to provide a copy of any required documentation listed below. 

    Supplemental Nutritional Access Program (SNAP) 
    Copy of one of the following:
          •  Your SNAP card showing the participant’s name
          •  SNAP card and government issued ID with name and photo (front and back of the card)
          •  SNAP participation or benefits letter from a local SNAP office

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for California residents only
    Copy of award letter from the Social Security Administration or benefit verification letter confirming that a resident of the household has qualified for the SSI benefits.

    Check the table above for the maximum income allowed for the number of people in your household. Send a copy of your current employer W-2 or SSA-1099 form, paycheck stubs for most recent month, or statement of benefits from Social Security, Unemployment, or Workers’ Compensation.

    National School Lunch Program
    Copy of award letter and proof of enrollment (including date, school name, school district, child’s name, and address).
  • Can I apply for the Access from AT&T program at a local AT&T store?
    No. AT&T retail stores are not able to process Access from AT&T applications or orders. The quickest way is to apply online and upload your supporting documents. Or, you can enter your name and address, print the form, and mail it to us.
  • I have Access from AT&T on DSL. What do I need to know?

    DSL internet service will include 150GB of data allowance per month. You will be charged $10 for each additional 50GB of data usage if you exceed your monthly data allowance, even if less than 50 gigabytes is used. For more information, go to

    Effective October 1, 2020, AT&T will no longer accept new DSL Internet orders and you will not be able to move your DSL service to a new address or make any speed changes to your DSL service. For questions about this change, please call the number on your bill.