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Frequently asked questions

  • What is DSL?
    Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet is a technology that connects your home to the internet over telephone lines. DSL is great for light internet use, such as web browsing or email. It is not recommended for activities that require significant speed, such as multi-screen HD video streaming or multiplayer, online gaming.

    More recent technologies, such as VDSL and Fiber, can deliver much higher Internet speeds, if they are available in your area.
  • Is AT&T Internet DSL, cable, or satellite?
    AT&T uses multiple technologies to deliver internet service to customers across the country. The technology available to you depends on your location.
    Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet is a technology that connects your home to the internet over telephone lines. Unlike dial-up internet, you can still make phone calls while connected to the internet over DSL.

    AT&T Internet is different from DSL. It’s delivered using several different technologies, including Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL), Internet Protocol Digital Subscriber Line (IPDSL), and Fixed Wireless Internet (FWI). It’s similar to cable Internet in terms of speed and, like cable, can deliver both TV and internet service to your home.

    AT&T Fiber is our latest and fastest technology. It uses fiber optic lines instead of copper telephone lines to connect you to the Internet. AT&T Fiber allows you to surf, stream, chat, and game, all at super-fast speeds and it helps you stay connected to the things you love. Share files with faster upload and download speeds and connect your laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and IOT devices, seamlessly.
  • What’s the difference between DSL Internet and AT&T Internet and AT&T FiberSM?
    The key differences among DSL Internet, AT&T Internet and AT&T FiberSM is speed and what you can do over each of them.

    Internet Speeds for your needs

       DSL Internet offers plans from 768Kbps to 6Mbps. It’s great for light web browsing and email. DSL Internet may be available only in certain areas.
       AT&T Internet offers a range of Broadband plans up to 100Mbps and gives you reliable streaming (even multiple streams in high definition) and online gaming.
       Our 100% fiber network enables the fastest Broadband speeds that AT&T delivers. You can enjoy more time watching your favorite movies, shopping for new shoes, or just surfing the web—faster!
  • What if I really want DSL?
    Depending on your location, AT&T may be able to provide you with internet service using DSL or another technology. Check AT&T Internet availability to see if AT&T Internet is available at your location. If it appears that AT&T Internet service is not available, please call 800.288.2020 to see if DSL is an option.