Our fastest internet, powered by AT&T Fiber

Get the ultimate online experience—starting with a 1000Mbps connection.
$70/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee

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Online only! Order internet and get a $50 reward card to use in many stores, restaurants, and online.

w/12-mo. agmt. Internet plans 25Mbps+ only. Redemption req'd. See details

Internet 1000—unleash the possibilities

Take your work, play, and online life to the next level.

  • Connect easily around the home

    Sync all your smart devices to consistently fast speeds, even when the entire family is online.

  • Stream video & music

    With unlimited data, our 100% fiber network lets you stream video content in HD or 4K Ultra HD.

    Limited to home Wi-Fi network and requires compatible AT&T gateway.

  • Get your game on

    Gear up for next-level excitement with speeds that keep you ahead of the competition.

How fast is Internet 1000?

Powered by AT&T FiberSM

  • Upload a 4-minute HD video in 1 second.
  • Upload 10 photos in less than 1 second.
  • Download a 1GB file in less than 1 minute.
  • Stream HD video on up to 9 devices, 4K Ultra HD on up to 2 devices.

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Why fiber delivers ultra-fast speeds

Fiber optic cables use light waves instead of electrical signals to send data. That way, you’ll get faster performance and more consistent speeds than basic copper cable.

The connection you can count on

  • Over 99% reliability

    Get consistent high-speed internet with over 99% reliability*—even at peak times.

    *Excludes DSL. Based on network availability and wired connection to Gateway.

  • Fast speeds

    Enjoy binge-worthy speeds to game, watch entertainment, and more.

  • Smart Home Manager app

    A free app to manage your Wi-Fi® network and connected devices, even when you’re on the go.

    AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Limited to home Wi-Fi network.

Compare internet plans powered by AT&T Fiber

Internet planInternet 100Internet 300Internet 1000
Ideal forStreaming HD videos, online gaming, and sharing large filesMultiple users, binge streaming, gaming, and sharing large filesConnected homes, multiple users, pro-level gaming, collaboration, and telecommuting
Internet plan100Mbps300Mbps1000Mbps
Promo price* (Month 1-12)$50$50$70
Non-promo price (Month 13+)$60$80$100
Data allowances1TB1TBUnlimited
Equipment fee$10$10$10
Upload speeds80-100Mbps Upload a 4-min. HD video in 2 seconds150-300Mbps Upload a 4-min. HD video in 1 second500-940Mbps Upload a 4-min. HD video in less than a second
Download speeds80-100Mbps Download a 90-min. HD movie in 1 minute150-300Mbps500-940Mbps Download a 90-min. HD movie in under 7 seconds
Installation CostUp to $99$0$0

Too fast? Check out our other fiber options.

Internet 300    Internet 100

We make it easy to switch

  • The install is on us

    Standard professional installation included

  • No data caps

    Stream and surf to your heart’s content

  • Stream on multiple devices

    Plus, easily invite guests—no password needed.

What is AT&T Internet 1000?

AT&T Internet 1000 is a high-speed internet service powered by AT&T Fiber. It is the fastest residential internet that AT&T provides. It can reach download speeds as high as 940Mbps with a 1000Mbps connection (or 1 gigabyte per second.) What does that mean, exactly? It means having the ability to stream 4k video smoothly, download large images quickly, and play your favorite online games with as little lag as possible. 

Why AT&T Internet 1000?

AT&T Internet 1000 is ideal for customers who want to get the fastest home internet experience possible. It’s great for intensive tasks like competitive gaming, streaming HD video, working from home, handling multiple users, and connecting your smart home devices. 

What is AT&T Fiber?

AT&T Fiber is the technology that powers the 100 percent fiber optic network behind the fastest AT&T internet plans, including AT&T Internet 1000, AT&T Internet 300, and AT&T Internet 100

AT&T Fiber technology uses light waves rather than electricity to transmit data. This allows it to move larger amounts of information at higher speeds. 

Is AT&T Internet 1000 available in my area?

Specialized hardware requirements mean that internet services powered by AT&T Fiber are only available in select locations. Check to see if AT&T Internet 1000 is available at your address