Updated offerings for legacy AT&T services

Find out more about AT&T U-verse® TV, Internet, and Voice, as well as our updated offerings.

What's AT&T U-verse?

When launched in 2006, AT&T U-verse included internet, digital phone, and television services. Many households have had television service through U-verse TV or a U-verse triple-play bundle with internet, TV, and phone service. While customers may still have some of these legacy services, newer AT&T services may provide a better option, where available.

AT&T U-verse Internet is now AT&T Internet

U-verse Internet customers now receive service from AT&T Internet, and can still expect to receive fast, reliable service. Interested in AT&T Fiber(R)? Where available, you can get:

  • Plans with up to 5 gigabit expected bandwidth
  • Symmetrical upload and download speed
  • Fiber technology that can transmit data faster over greater distances

AT&T U-verse Voice is now AT&T Phone℠

AT&T U-verse Voice was the digital phone service offered with the AT&T U-verse triple-play bundle. U-verse Voice used VOIP technology and included features such as voicemail and 911 service.

AT&T U-verse Voice is now AT&T Phone and uses AT&T Internet instead of U-verse Internet.

Legacy AT&T U-verse customers will now receive digital phone service from AT&T Phone. Additionally, AT&T Phone includes upgraded features such as:

  • AT&T Call Protect℠, an included service that automatically blocks calls from scammers and sends an alert if a call is suspected spam.1
  • Integration with the myAT&T app.

If you are interested in home digital phone service from AT&T, you can find out more about AT&T Phone.

1 Req’s customer opt-in and activation through myAT&T app. For more info, go to www.att.com/phonecallprotect.


AT&T TV launched in 2020 as an internet streaming alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV services.

AT&T TV is now provided by DIRECTV.

AT&T TV legacy customers can now expect to receive IPTV service through DIRECTV. Additionally, DIRECTV can be streamed from outside the home on up to three concurrent internet-capable devices.

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