3G is shutting down soon
We’re always looking for ways to keep you connected. That’s why we’re saying goodbye to our 3G network and hello to something better.
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Check your cell phone’s compatibility and learn more about our network updates.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • What is happening with 3G?
      As AT&T continues to invest in 5G and improve its network, it will be sunsetting the older 3G network. Customers with devices that do not support at least 4G service should consider making plans to upgrade to a newer device.
    • When will 3G be shut down?
      The sunset of the AT&T 3G network February of 2022. This is part of a larger plan to improve the network and continue to invest in 5G.
    • Will my 3G phone stop working?
      After the 3G network sunset, there will no longer be data or voice service for devices that do not at least have 4G capabilities. This means that while some aspects of your device might continue to work normally, you will not be able to access the AT&T network unless you upgrade to a newer device.
    • Are flip phones being phased out?
      No, flip phones are not being phased out. Just like with smart phones, if your flip phone does not at least have 4G capabilities, it will eventually no longer be supported on the AT&T network. There will still be flip phones available that will continue to be supported on the new network. If you’re curious whether or not your flip phone will work after the 3G sunset, you can find a list of supported and unsupported devices here.

    Shutting down the 3G network

    AT&T will be shutting down its 3G network as part of an ongoing plan to improve its wireless network and continue to invest in 5G. The 3G shutdown should be completed by February of 2022.

    How to prepare for the 3G shutdown

    If your device doesn’t support 4G wireless service and/or is not VoLTE capable, it will no longer work on the AT&T network after the 3G sunset. To avoid this problem, and stay connected, you will need to upgrade to a newer device. AT&T will be providing eligible wireless customers with multiple possible deals to make this process easier, including some that provide a free eligible phone. If a device on your account is impacted, you should be contacted with next steps.

    Find out which phones will work on the new network

    Wireless devices that do not support at least 4G service or VoLTE will no longer be supported on the new AT&T network. To find out if your device will be supported after the 3G shutdown, you can visit this AT&T support article.

    Directions for impacted AT&T PREPAID customers

    AT&T PREPAID customers without a VoLTE capable device that is compatible with the AT&T network will also need to upgrade to a new device. To do this, you can order a phone online, or upgrade your phone at an AT&T store.

    Once you have your new phone, you’ll need to move your SIM card from your old phone into your new phone, and then activate service online. Here’s how you can do that:

    • -Sign into att.com/myprepaid.
    • -Select My Device, then Update Device.
    • -Follow the prompts to update your IMEI or SIM card number.

    If your old SIM card doesn’t fit into your new device, you’ll need to visit an AT&T store to get a new SIM card.