Connect to the world with AT&T PREPAIDSM
International calling, texting, and data with no annual contract or credit check.


Now stay in touch—wherever life takes you

AT&T PREPAID International Travel Add-On makes staying in touch easier than ever. To add to your plan, simply use Wi-Fi® when you arrive at your destination.

  • Enjoy unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of data.
  • Use in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the UK, and more.
  • Add to any monthly plan for just $35—good for 7 days.

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Here's the 411 on calling overseas

If you make frequent international calls, AT&T PREPAID offers International Travel Add-Ons for your account that can mean big savings over pay-per-use rates. If you don't choose an add-on, standard rates apply.

Unlimited plans cover Mexico and Canada

These prepaid plans offer unlimited talk & text to Mexico and Canada, AND can be used within Mexico and Canada, too:

  • $75 Unlimited Plus
  • $65 Unlimited
  • $40/mo 15GB monthly
  • 3-month and 12-month 8GB plans
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Other prepaid plans have pay-per-use travel rates to Mexico and Canada. See details
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AT&T PREPAID International Calling & Texting FAQ

  • What is AT&T Prepaid International Travel Add-On, and how much does it cost?
    The International Travel Add-On offers you unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data while traveling in eligible countries. It costs $35 for 7 days of service. You can add a Travel Add-On to any AT&T monthly PREPAID plan.
  • Can I use the International Travel Add-On with my PREPAID phone and plan?
    You can add a Travel Add-On to any AT&T monthly PREPAID plan.
    A VoLTE (Voice over LTE) device is required to purchase the International Travel Add-on. Most newer smartphone devices purchased from AT&T in the last 2 years are compatible with the Travel Add-On. Check your smart device manufacturer’s website to confirm if your device is VoLTE.
  • Why don’t I see the Travel Add-On option when I log into
    If you don't see the International Travel Add-On listed in your available Add-Ons, you may need to upgrade to a newer device and/or switch to a monthly plan.