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International call, text & data with no annual contract, no credit check & no activation fee when you order online.

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Call and text family around the world

Call and text from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to more than 225 countries at great per-minute rates.

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International add-ons let you call from the U.S. for less


    Get 250 minutes of calling per month to Mexico and Canada and to landlines in 50+ countries.


    Get 1,000 minutes of calling per month to Mexico and Canada and to landlines in 50+ countries.


    Additional minutes aren’t included, but you get great reduced pay-per-minute rates to landlines and mobiles in 45 countries.



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Get tips on how to dial internationally from the U.S.

Stay in touch when you’re in Mexico and Canada

With AT&T PREPAID monthly plans, you get unlimited text to more than 100 countries. Plus, on plans of $50 or more, you get talk, text, and data while traveling in Mexico and Canada.


Access your voicemail

when roaming in Mexico or Canada:

  • Hold the 1 key
  • Dial +1, and then your area code and wireless number


Once you hear your voicemail greeting, press the * key and enter your voicemail password.

Dial 611 from your smartphone to get assistance

Connect with friends and family outside the U.S.

  • With AT&T PREPAID International long distance, calls and texts from the U.S. to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Mariana Islands are included with monthly, 12-month, and daily plans.
  • Unlimited texts to Mexico, Canada, and more than 100 other countries are included with monthly, 12-month, and daily plans.
  • International calling add-ons and pay-per-use rates are available to more than 225 countries.*
  • Stay in touch when you travel to Mexico and Canada

    With AT&T PREPAID International roaming, you get unlimited talk and text to more than 100 countries plus talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada with these plans:

    $50, $65, and $75 monthly phone plans

    $25 8GB 12-month plan

    Pay-per-use rates are available for talk and text with all other plans.

    How to make calls and send messages in the U.S.:

    Dial +, followed by the country code and local number.
    Example: call to U.S.: +1 (are code)(local number)
    Example: call to UK: +44 (local number in UK)


  • While in Mexico, Canada, or other countries, the country code to call back to the U.S. is 1.
  • With most GSM phones, the + key will appear on your screen if you press and hold down the 0 key.