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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra AT&T Release Date

I don't think the ultra will be coming to carriers.  The plus is already on Verizon which tells me ATT and Tmobile will get it.

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wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting ever few minutes

To separate the bands, go to  then go to the Home Network tab, then to Wi-Fi then click the Advanced Options link near the upper left section of the page.   Go down to the 5GHz section and find the Network Name (SSID) box.  Just add a -5 to the end of the existing name.  Ignore the end of the world warning when it comes up.  Scroll down to the bottom and click Save. At some point during this you'll be asked for the Access Code, which is on a label on the gateway. Then power off the gateway, power it back on and when it's up and ready, you'll need to manually go to any device that should be on 5GHz and manually change them to point to the new -5 SSID.  The 2.4GHz devices should log back in on their own.

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Android 12

Hello @Hasheeshian, we'd love to help with getting your device updated to the latest software version.   Please be advised, when a new software update becomes available for your device, a notification with instructions for downloading it will be sent to your device. We do not have advance knowledge of the update but learn of the software update at the same time it is made available to customers.   Feel free to review and continue to check for an update on your device using the following steps: From the home screen, press the OK button. Press the navigational buttons to highlight the Settings app, then press the OK button to select. Press the right or left button to navigate to the Device tab. Ensure that Device information is highlighted then press the OK button. Press the down button to scroll to and view the Software information.  From the Device Information screen, press the down button to highlight Software Update then press the OK button. Ensure Check for Updates is highlighted then press the OK button.  If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update. If an update is not available, press the OK button. We hope the information provided helps and feel free to reach back out if you have additional questions or concerns.    Thank you!   Lynn, AT&T Community Specialist  

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Lenovo moto tab (X704A) user guide_guide0
Lenovo moto tab (X704A) user guide
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User guide

This manual gives you the basic information you need to start enjoying your Lenovo moto tab (X704A) and to solve common issues.

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Device support

Get step-by-step support for your Lenovo moto tab (X704A) device